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Casa Uber A good uber site with a ton o'links.

Xena FanFic Portrait Gallery Miss Maclay is both a very freaky girl and the kind you would take home to mother! Talk about versatility! Visit her and tell her how fabulous she is.

BLURB Under new ownership, but still fabulous. (How many times can I use "fabulous" on one page, sweetie? Eh, darling?)

Xena Dinosaur Bards When subtext ruled the earth...

Celestial Buffet Surrender Monkey Custard!

Elaine Sutherland, International Woman of Mystery Literature and politics and photos...oh my

Hail to the Queen, baby!


m i s s p a p p a s...

y o u ' r e n e e d e d

Do you have a strange hankering to read White Trash en francais?

If you said "mais qui," well, you can now read "Love and Death in the Trailer Park" and "Ways to be Wicked" in the Language of LOVE:

Amour et mort au caravanning

Des differentes facons de pecher

Many thanks to Marie Bouard for her great translations of these stories.

Her Majesty's a Pretty Greek Girl "Her Majesty" in Greek! Thanks to Isabella for this translation. Visit the rest of Isabella's site while you're there.

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taste the groove

Stephin Merritt Official site for the songwriter and all his various bands & sidelines, including Magnetic Fields.

Belle & Sebastian Belle & Sebastian are my favorite band of the moment. They are sort of like the Smiths on Prozac. If I were a band, I would like to be them. Some B & S members are also in a band called looper, which gives the listener the gift of relatively harmless electronic music, as opposed to the kind that makes you want to shoot up and kill somebody’s grandma.

Dave’s True Story I never read Trollope in the first place.

Sam Phillips I love her. Buy all her CDs. NOW.

Nick Drake Nick Drake is this great singer and songwriter who is kinda dead. You can hear one of his songs, "Pink Moon," being desecrated in a Volkswagen Cabrio commercial. Go ahead, ad execs, piss on my heart. Although I suppose in a way it's a good thing, since it exposes his music to more people (she says very grudingly).

Yo La Tengo Being Hoboken-based, this band is, of course, Stash & Carson's favorite.

Serge Gainsbourg He's French, he's skank, he's dead. Who could ask for anything more?

w a n k e r !

Arts & Letters Daily Updated daily. An excellent source of articles from the best online mags & newspapers.

Exquisite Corpse Poetry, prose, current events, great name.

Yankee Pot Roast Yummy!

Moby Lives It has nothing to do with that little bald mutha we all listen to & love (because otherwise it would be in the music section, people), but instead focuses on book news and contains the occasional great rant about grammar!

Daily Afflictions Far from wankerness, Brother Void showers benevolence upon we sad multitudes, we inveterate spider squishers.

p e a c e l i n k s

Bushwhacked! Lots of links, some of them pretty damn funny.

The Guardian Brit newspaper website.

indy media Has an international focus.

Common Dreams A progressive news site.

Move On This group is an excellent source in helping folks take direct action.

United for Peace Another great site for direct action & protest news.

Pax Americana This site was put together by Ella Quince. It has a lot of informative links, some of them funny.

Oxfam International For helping in humanitarian relief efforts.

True Majority A very easy way to nag your senators. President of this organization is Ben Cohen, cofounder of Ben & Jerry's.

truth out The truth shall set you free. Or maybe just piss you off.

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